Friday, November 6, 2009

Exit Project

The following information was sent home last week. Please review it with you parents, sign it and return ASAP

Grade Nine Social Studies:

Canadian Identity

Exit Project Information Sheet

Throughout the semester, you have looked at Canadian identity in many ways. We have learned about people, groups, organizations, historical events, cultures, languages, and inventions that have shaped our country. Now it’s your turn. What is Canada all about? What does it mean to be a Canadian? What would you like to tell the rest of the world about Canada?

General Information

The exit project is worth 30% of your overall mark in this course. It is also a mandatory component. There are three main components to the project: the oral presentation, the Gala Night presentation, and the reflective essay. FYI: Failure to complete any or all of the components will result in automatic failure. Exam exemptions cannot be used towards an exit project.

The Exit Project Proposal

During class, on Monday, November 9th you will be asked to write a proposal plan for your exit project. The purpose of this exercise is to seek permission from your teacher to use your topic and ideas for your exit project. On that day, you will describe your topic and how it relates to Canadian identity. More specifically, you will relay how you plan to organize your project, what resources and materials you need to obtain, what it will visually look like, and how you will creatively involve and engage your classmates (your audience) so that they too learn from your presentation.

Library Days

Each Canadian Identity class will be given a minimum of two days in the library to search for ideas, materials, and resources. Currently, our scheduled days in the library are for Monday and Tuesday, November 16th and 17th. If you miss these research days, you will have to go to the library on your own time.

The Oral Presentation – 100 marks

From Wednesday, January 6th to Thursday, January 14th, students will be presenting projects in front of their classmates and teacher. Your presentation must be at least five minutes and, hopefully, no longer than fifteen minutes. Presenters will be evaluated on their presentation skills (body language, voice, use of props, etc.) and their prepared materials (the project itself). Teachers will be looking for evidence of preparation for both the project and the presentation. Please remember to display a title and include a proper introduction and a conclusion in your oral presentation. Each student will be assigned a particular day to present and a calendar will be posted as a reminder of these appointed times. FYI: Transportation of your materials is your responsibility. Therefore, plan ahead!

The Gala Night Presentation – 100 marks

Thursday, January 14th: This is an exciting event which completely transforms the school cafeteria, to say the least! That night, you will set up your exhibit for your family, friends, and community leaders to see. During the Gala, you will be evaluated on your project display and on your professional conduct (behavior, helpfulness) and dress (no jeans, hats, ripped clothing, etc.). The Gala officially opens at 6:30pm and runs until 8:00pm. As part of their evaluation, we required students to attend a half hour before and after the Gala to assist with set-up and clean-up. So, you must be there from 6:00pm until 8:30pm that night. Again, arrangements for transportation are your responsibility. Perhaps you may need to stay after school if you cannot get here by 6:00pm.

The Reflective Essay – 100 marks

During the month of December, you will be given the opportunity to write the majority of your exit essay in class-time. The teacher will explain the essay question, its purpose, its structure, and will give you clear instructions about how to write this reflective paper. There will be a minimum of three days spent on the essay in class. It will be approached systematically, step by step each day, therefore, attendance is important. Students will be expected to hand in the final essay with a copy of their draft work and a formal title page. Exit essays can be submitted as early as Thursday, December 17th and no later than Friday, January 22nd. There are no exceptions to this due date. Further details will be given during instruction time.

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