Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Canadian Forests

Native trees fall naturally into two groups – the coniferous trees and the deciduous trees. The forests of Canada are largely composed of coniferous trees. However, there are only a total of 31 different conifer species across Canada. Meanwhile, there are over 100 deciduous species in Canada.

Conifers – Softwoods – Evergreens – Needle-Leaf
The leaves (needles) on conifers stay green during the winter and live on the tree for two or more years.
The Pines
The Larches
The Spruces
The Hemlocks
The Firs
The Arbor-Vitae

Deciduous – Hardwood – Broad-leaved
Their leaves are retained on the tree for only one season before being shed.
The Willows The Poplars
The Walnut The Hop Hornbeams
The Birches The Alders
The Beeches The Oaks
The Elms The Witch-Hazels
The Mountain Ashes The Maples
The Basswoods The Dogwoods
The Ashes

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