Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chapter 3 Assignment

Glossary Terms
1. Population Distribution:
2. Archipelago Effect:
3. Population Density:
4. Site Factors:
5. Situation Factors:
6. Relocation:
7. Seigneurial System:
8. Township System:
9. Section:
10. Rural:
11. Industrial Revolution:
12. Urban:
13. Rural to Urban Drift:
14. Urbanization:
15. Hierarchy:
16. Core and Periphery:
17. Confluence:
18. Head Navigation:
19. Megacities
20. Infrastructure
21. Classified
22. Corridors
Define all the terms

Then, choose 20 terms and...
You have one of two options:
1. You can fold five pieces of paper in 4 parts each (20 squares) and draw a representation of the terms. Each drawing should be labelled with the term that it represents. You do not need to be an artist. You should be able to explain why you have drawn what you have.
2. Create a crossword puzzle, but the definitions can not come out of the textbook. You have to come up with creative hints for each term. You may use riddles and you must be creative.

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