Monday, November 9, 2009

Written Proposal - My Plan for Success!

In paragraph form, formally propose your Exit Project topic. As you write out your ideas, be sure to answer the following questions:

What is my topic and how does it relate to Canada and Canadian Identity?
Why am I interested in specializing in this topic?
How will I do my research?
What materials do I need to buy, collect, round-up?
How will I make/create my project?
What will the end product look like?
How will I display my project?
What will I do to make my project “come to life” or “stand out” from others? What will make my project unique and original?
How will I keep my audience engaged in the presentation?
How will I present my project? Will I use cue-cards?

*On the back of your paper, you may sketch a picture of your project and what you envision your set-up to look like*

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